Striking colorful towns are dotted all along the sparkling coast of Campania, starting from Sorrento and ending at Vietri sul Mare. Etched into the hills where the sea meets the land, we could be no where other than one of the most popular travel destinations in Italy – the Amalfi Coast.

Whilst this coastal hotspot is famed for its beaches, picturesque towns and lemons, did you know they also produce delicious wine? With rich volcanic soil thanks to nearby Mt Vesuvius and a cooling sea breeze, you’ll find the cliffsides are full of small plots of terraced vineyards – all of which give us delicious Amalfi Coast wine.

And if you’ve ever googled pictures of the striking cliffsides (or seen them for yourself), it will come as no surprise that winemaking is no easy feat here. In fact, it’s so difficult that it’s known as ‘viticoltura eroica’, or heroic winemaking in English. The cliffs are so steep that no machinery could ever get up here, so everything is done completely by hand along the terraces. 

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The Amalfi Coast has long been overlooked for its wine making, but that’s slowly starting to change and we’re here for it! Perhaps our favorite thing about Amalfi Coast wine is that thanks to the small amount of land available for winemaking (and how difficult that land is to work) it’s driven only by passionate small producers rather than big commercial wineries. The result? Quality wine! 

Keep reading to find out more about the wines from the Amalfi Coast and why you should try them on your next trip.

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Where is the Amalfi Coast wine region?

Wine is grown all along the coast with three main subzones or DOCs to look out for: 

  • Furore
  • Tramonti
  • Ravello

The soil in this region is rich in potassium which helps to give plants more sugar while they ripen and can often mean a little boost in the final alcohol percentage of your wine. 

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What kind of wine do they make in the Amalfi Coast?

Campania (the region of the Amalfi Coast) predominantly produces Fiano, Falanghina, Greco, Aglianico, and Piedirosso grapes. It’s all delicious (and until more recently pretty underrated and underfunded compared to other Italian wine regions). 

You’ll be looking for ‘Costa d’Amalfi DOC’ wine while you’re lapping up the sunshine and soaking in the incredible views. Your label will also probably include a more specific wine region along the coast such as ‘Furore’, ‘Tramonti’, or ‘Ravello’. You can find a white, rosè, sparkling and red version of these wines.

White wine is King here and we love its citrusy, mineral and almost spicy quality. As you can imagine, there’s nothing much better than sipping on a white Costa d’Amalfi DOC while twirling your pasta and looking out to the sea!

Here are the grapes used in each and a little explanation about what to expect when you order your wine.

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Costa d’Amalfi white wines

The whites and sparkling wines of Amalfi Coast are made from blends of different grapes like Biancolella, Ginnestra, Chardonnay, Cococciola, Falanghina, Montonico Bianco, Passerina and Pecorino.

Falanghina is definitely the most well-known grape that goes into white wine from Amalfi Coast. It makes complex and structured wines that can even be aged for up to 10 years depending on the producer!

  • Furore: Think white fruits, citrus, hazelnut and almond
  • Tramonti: Floral, fruity and aromatic with notes of thyme and sage.
  • Ravello: Delicate floral notes of jasmine, iris and lily, and fruity hints of white peach, mulberry and citrus.

Costa d’Amalfi rosè:

The rosato wines of the Amalfi Coast are often characterised by their delicious aroma of cherries, red currants, and pomegranate and are refreshingly mineral.

  • Furore: Ripe plum on the nose with nuances of wild strawberries and floral notes
  • Tramonti: raspberry and rose
  • Ravello: fruit forward and floral

Costa d’Amalfi red wine:

The Amalfi Coast red wines are made from Aglianico, Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Pepella, Tronto, and Tintore.

Tintore is a name to watch out for – it’s a wonderful centuries old indigenous grape and central to producing red wine here! 

  • Furore: ripe cherry licorice, spicy
  • Tramonti: violet, tobacco, forest floor 
  • Ravello: forest fruit jam. liquorice, vanilla and spicy finish

What are the best wineries in the Amalfi Coast?

Small but mighty (in fact the area stretches over just 56 hectares), Amalfi Coast wineries are small productions that focus on quality rather than quantity. Some of the top wineries to watch out for in the area include:

  • Marisa Cuomo – located just above Furore. This woman-run winery celebrates indigenous grapes like Fenile, Ripoli, and Ginestra and experiments with them.
  • Tenuta San Francesco – make just 80,000 bottles a year. They are located in Tramonti, which is north of Maiori. The estate covers eight hectares (20 acres) of land cultivated with pre-phylloxera vines that are more than 100 years old!
  • Ettore Sammarco- located in Ravello this is a completely family-run winery. 
  • Giuseppe Apicella- Located in Tramonti, they make just 70,000 bottles a year. 
  • Reale – This is a tiny organic boutique winery that make just 19,000 bottles a year. 
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    Our 10 favorite Amalfi Coast wines in 2024

    Ready to order the best wine in the Amalfi Coast? Here’s some of our fave wine on the Amalfi Coast to swirl, sip and share!

    This delicious white wine is a frequent winner of the Italian food channel ‘Gambero Rosso”s tre bicchieri wine awards, and with good reason. This wine is a blend of indigenous white grapes fenile, ginestra and ripoli. It’s so mineral you can smell the Mediterranean Sea in the glass. Think ripe apricot and floral broom flowers in this one. It’s even possible to keep aging this wine to appreciate it in years to come.

    • Color: Golden yellow
    • Style: Full-bodied, great with food
    • Flavor: cedro, broom flowers, rosemary
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    2. Costa d’Amalfi Ravello Bianco Selva delle Monache 2022 from Ettore Sammarco

    This white wine from the Ravello area was the 2024 winner of the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri and one to watch out for on your travels. It’s made using Biancolella and Falanghina grapes and is a light and delicate drink. Think fruity and floral notes that make it perfect for daytime (or all time into the evening) drinking.

    • Color: Straw yellow
    • Style: delicate and refreshing
    • Flavor: exotic fruits, floral, 

     If you’re looking for an interesting red wine from the Amalfi Coast, try this one. It’s made using the region’s indigenous tintore and piedirosso grapes. It’s quite juicy and refreshing, full red fruit and a little spice. Pair this one with gamey meats or salumi and cheeses. 

    • Color: ruby red
    • Style: intense and soft
    • Flavor: liquorice, rhubarb, cherries


    4. Costa d’Amalfi Rosso Tramonti Cardamone from Reale

    If you’re looking for a fresh and drinkable red, this is it! Perfect even on a hot summer’s night, this delightful drop is made using native Tintore and Piedirosso grapes. It’s fruit forward and made in an area renowned for winemaking since the times of the Republic of the Amalfi Coast.

    • Color: deep red
    • Style: fresh and foodie wine 
    • Flavor: amarena cherries, smoked, radish, forest floor,

    Produced in extremely small quantities, you’ll be lucky to find this red wine outside of the Amalfi Coast itself. It’s made using aglianico, tintore and piedirosso which are harvested quite late at the end of October/beginning of November. It’s fresh, mineral and has a lingering taste of liquorice. 

    • Color: Ruby red
    • Style: intense and complex
    • Flavor: berries, rhubarb, orange peel, balsamic

    Fresh, mineral and perfect hot summer’s day drinking. This easy to drink rosè wine is made using native Sciascinoso and Piedirosso grapes. Think floral and fruity notes that pair perfectly with spaghetti vongole

    • Color: light pink
    • Style: Fresh and juicy
    • Flavor: Wisteria, red currant, rosemary

    7. Tramonti Aliseo Bianco from Reale

    Cultivated just a few kms from the Mediterranean Sea, this is an easy-drinking mineral from the Amalfi Coast. It’s made using indigenous Biancazita and Biancolella grapes. Named after the wind that brings good weather, a bottle of this wine is a good omen for outdoor drinking. It’s floral, fresh and has a lovely long finish.

    • Color: Straw yellow
    • Style: elegant
    • Flavors: mineral, mediterranean herbs

    If you want to taste a super interesting red wine made using tintore grapes that were never destroyed by philoxera, this is it! Made from plants aged between 150 and 300 years, you’ll never try anything quite like this. It has soft and elegant tannins and an almost smoked aroma. 

    • Color: ruby red
    • Style: silky, elegant tannins and long finish
    • Flavor: crushed flowers, red fruits, incense

    Another easy drinking white wine, this one is made using falanghina, ginestra, and pepella grapes. It’s an elegant wine with floral and fruity notes.  Expect good minerality and a very fresh finish. Perfect for aperitivo hour or with seafood dishes. 

    • Color: straw yellow
    • Style: mineral
    • Flavor: ripe citrus, apple, peach, lemon 

     Last but not least, we leave you wiht a final red wine from Ravello. This soft and rounded red is made using Piedirosso and Aglianico grapes.  Expect an aroma of berries, liquorice, vanilla and spices. It’s fresh, full bodied and has well integrated tannins.  It will remind you of holidays on the Mediterranean Sea – and we’re here for it!

    • Color: Garnet red
    • Style: fresh
    • Flavor: crushed rose, rhubarb, violet

    Traveling to Amalfi? Why not go wine tasting with an Amalfi Coast wine tour! Take a read of our favorites here.

    Inspired to try wine from the Amalfi Coast? Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite!