Are you a passionate lover of Italian wine or curious to learn more? Then why not join Italian wine clubs? Whether you’re a wine expert or a total novice, joining a wine club is one of the best ways to continue your love for Italian wine. Get access to hard-to-find Italian wines not available for purchase in the States or Australia by joining a club. If you fell in love with Tuscany wine region or are smitten with Piedmont’s Barolo after a trip to Italy, then this is the next best way to continue your wine travels from home. Keep reading to find out about the best wine clubs to join in 2024.

What does it mean to join a wine club?

Depending on the exact wine club you join, it will mean something different. The basic idea of a wine club, however, is essentially a wine subscription service. This means a box of wine will be sent to you with some information about what you’re drinking when to drink it, the winemaker and area the wine is grown in, and food pairing suggestions.

Online wine clubs have risen steadily in popularity over the last few years and are a really great option for the widest access to great wine no matter where you live. Some of the best online wine clubs might even have online learning areas where you can watch videos about the wine, and interact online with other members of your wine club.

italian wine club

Why join a wine club?

There are so many reasons why you might join an Italy wine club, but the most obvious is because you love wine. You might consider joining if:

  • You want to expand your knowledge about Italian wine
  • Access to foreign wine not commonly available for purchase in the States, UK or Australia
  • If you’re an aspiring sommelier or own a restaurant
  • You fell in love with Italys wine regions and want to bring a slice home every month
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The 4 Best Italian Wine Clubs to join in 2024

Keep the dream of Italy alive and join one of these top wine clubs online. We’ve rounded up our top picks to try in 2024:

roscioli wine club

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Italian wine subscription box, is Roscioli’s wine club. If youre looking for an Italian wine club USA that sources hard to find wines in the States, this is the perfect option especially as they offer free shipping to America. There are 3 different italian wine boxes to choose from which each include 2 shipments of 12 bottles a year. All of their wine is organic and artisan bottles which are extremely difficult to find outside of Italy.

What’s included:

  • Video about the winemaker’s story and details of each wine
  • Local recipes to pair your wine with
  • When to drink your wine and recommended aging if applicable
  • Wine Tasting Dinner at Rimessa Roscioli
  • Special extra gifts in each box
  • Special invites to events in the USA, and Italy

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barolo wine club

Looking for an Italian red wine club? Then get to know the King of all red wines – Barolo – thanks to this wine club! You can choose from 3,4, or 6 bottle options delivered every 6 months and a range of options from everyday drinking reds, easy drinking reds, single cru or riserva Barolo and Barbaresco, or even a mixed box of whites.

Special Offer for Italian Wine Tales Readers

We have an exclusive offer with Barolo Wine Club for Italian Wine Tales members. If you sign up using our special code, you’ll receive a 5% refund on the Barolo wine club subscription within 24 hours. Just use the code WINE TALES when you checkout.

What’s included:

  • Printed information about each wine
  • Private member channel
  • Personal wine shopper service included
  • Shipping costs included

If you fell in love with the region during a Tuscany wine tour, then this is for you! For a specific Tuscan wine club, try this one from an enoteca in Siena. There are 4 different tiers of Italian wine boxes to choose from ranging in price and quality, all handpicked by professional sommelier Federico.

Each case includes 12 bottles with free shipping and you can choose how many times a year you’d like to receive a delivery.

If you prefer red, white or a mix, you can let Federico know your preference and he will create the perfect Tuscan wine box for you.

Another great Italian wine box membership you can get is with Grape Tours. They’re based in Tuscany but their wine club includes wines from all of Italys 20 regions. Choose from one of two types of memberships – 12 bottles once a year, or 12 bottles twice a year. The sommelier team focus on wines from small, sustainable and family-run wineries that you wont find easily outside of Italy.

What’s included:

  • 12 bottles in every delivery
  • Written description of each wine
  • 80% red wines and 20% white or rose unless you request otherwise

Whether you’re looking for an italian wine club in the UK, the USA or an Italian wine club in Australia, choose one of these clubs and look forward to drinking special boutique Italian wine a few times a year! Inspired to join an online wine club? Let us know if you do or your favorites in the comments!