Embracing Italy’s aperitivo culture is one of the best parts about any trip to the boot. And given most travelers will fly into Rome or visit the eternal city at some stage, it goes without saying that you’ll want to get in a few wine tastings in Rome.

We are lucky enough to live in Rome and you best believe we sip our way around some of the best wine bars in Rome (for strict research purposes of course!) Keep reading to discover the best wine tasting in Rome whether you just want to enjoy a fun aperitivo during your travels or are a serious wine connossieur. 

We’ll also highlight some wine tasting from Rome experiences to try with a tour or self-guided, and how you can enjoy a Tuscany wine tour from Rome all in one day. 

10 Best Places to go Wine Tasting in Rome Italy

Here’s our top tips for Rome wine tasting in the historical center and in some of our favorite neighbourhoods like Testaccio (ours!) and Trastevere. 

1. Da Corrado – Testaccio

This is a little market stall in the Testaccio Market and one of our favorites! That said, it’s only open during market hours (until 2.30pm or thereabouts). Corrado the owner offers wine tasting events every Saturday morning and stocks a fantastic range of mostly organic wines from all over Italy. You can also visit during the week and pop in for a glass of wine – he has a particular passion for Piemontese wines so this is a great place to try them if Piedmont isn’t in your travel plans. 

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2. Roscioli Rimessa – Jewish Ghetto

Roscioli are a Roman institute popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Rimessa is their best location to get an education on Italian wine. You can opt for either a Flight Tasting or a Wine and Food Tasting dinner depending on your budget and the kind of experience you’d like.

The Flight Tasting can be booked privately and runs from 11am-7pm everyday. You can try 5 wines for 25 euros and from 5pm onwards there will also be a sommelier on hand to explain each of the wines in detail.

Instead the Wine and Food Dinner is a group experience between everyone who books and a dedicated sommelier. You get to try 8 different wines from all over Italy and enjoy them paired with 12 small bites of food. There is a dedicated sommelier on hand who explains each wine and dish and a chance to interact with the sommelier, ask questions and then enjoy your food and wine. It’s a really fun experience that we would recommend for wine connoisseurs as well as complete novices!

    3. Vino Roma – Monti

    This wonderful social club in central Monti is a great place to start your wine education when it comes to Italian wines. They offer fun group wine tastings and you can choose from a few different options including one with dinner. This is probably for anyone with an interest in wine in general as they’ll teach you how to properly taste wine and give you an understanding of which wine is made where across all the regions of Italy.

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    4. Bar Bozzo – Garbatella

    Firmly off the tourist path, Garbatella is a real local southern Roman suburb not too far from the centre. If you love natural and organic wines, and want to rub shoulders with locals then this cool wine bar is for you! Be sure to book a table because there is very limited seating inside! 

    5.  Enotecca L’Antidoto – Trastevere

    If you’re traveling to Rome, Trastevere will undoubtedly be on your hit list of destinations to explore. Perhaps you’re even staying in this pretty ivy-draped part of town! Whatever the case, you’ll want to add this trendy wine bar to your list. Also a great location for those interested in tasting organic or natural wines and if you’re looking for a bar that can offer great food! Again be sure to book a table as there are only a few inside.

    6. Latteria Trastevere – Trastevere

    Another great option for a wine tasting or aperitivo in Trastevere is Latteria Trastevere! Here you can try wine from all over the boot and pair it with delicious cheese (in fact latteria in Italian means cheese shop). We like to grab a table outside so we can people watch and enjoy all the comings and goings in the neighborhood at the same time.

    7. Il Goccetto – historical centre

    Il Goccetto is a long-standing bar down a pretty cobblestone street in the city center that we first discovered in 2019. It’s a lovely wine bar that’s best for aperitivo with some little nibbles rather than a full-on wine tasting. You can also buy bottles to bring home from this enoteca (wine shop).

    8. L’Angolo Di Vino – city centre

    Just around the corner from Campo de Fiori, this is a great wine bar to add to your list if you’re staying in the historical center! It stocks an impressive collection of wines from all around the country piled high throughout the shop. Again, it’s better for an aperitivo rather than a traditional wine tasting. 

    9. Circoletto – Circus Maximus

    From the creators of Roman restaurant Trecca, we knew this wine bar was going to be great. Located just across from Circus Maximus, you might expect this place to be touristy. But it definitely delivers a great wine tasting experience! It’s ideal for trying natural wines from all around the country and pairs them with tasty, modern dishes.

    10. Piano C – San Giovanni

    Totally off the tourist radar, we love the San Giovanni neighborhood! It’s a place where regular Romans live and you won’t see many tourists unless they’re off to nearby Santo Palato. Piano C is a gorgeous little wine bar with delicious natural wines from all over the country and they serve tasty modern plates alongside your glass.

    Inspired to join a wine tasting or try some wine tours from Rome? Let us know in the comments your favorite place to drink wine in Rome!