Come with us to the magical central Italian region of Umbria. Time slows down along the cobblestoned lanes of its pretty hilltop towns, across the silvery olive groves, and through the vineyards of Sagrantino, Sangiovese and Grechetto. Little known outside of Italy, the wines of Umbria are full-bodied and structured and some of our favorites.

While most Umbrian wines are red or rosè, they also make mineral white wines so there is something for everyone. Keep reading to find out why you should try wine from Umbria in 2024.

Where is Umbria?

Umbria is a landlocked region right in the center of Italy. It’s nestled between famous Tuscany and little known Le Marche regions and north from Lazio. Think medieval hilltop towns, lush green forests, vineyards and silvery olive groves – it’s quiet, far from the madding crowds and totally wonderful. Many describe Umbria as how Tuscany was 20 years ago. 

umbria wine region

Photo by Rhianna May Photography for Untold Italy Tours

Where is the Umbria wine region?

Wine is grown all over this green region of Italy and there are 6 main zones of production: 

  • Perugino-Assisano – along the Colli Perugini they produce great sangiovese and trebbiano toscano. In Assisi they make great Grechetto, Trebbiano Toscano, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Torgiano – mainly Sangiovese. Look out for Il Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCG!
  • Montefalco – for Sangiovese and Sagrantino. Famed for Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG an Montefalco Rosso DOC
  • Colli Martani and Todi – for Colli Martani Grechetto (white wine) and Colli Martani Sangiovese. Todi is famous for the Grechetto di Todi (white). Spoleto produces an indigenous Trebbiano Spoletino
  • Ternano (including Amelia) – for Ciliegiolo and Malvasia Toscana
  • Orvieto – famed for producing white wines since the age of the Etruscans!

Take a look at our Umbria wine map below to understand exactly where the most important winemaking areas are. 

sagrantino umbria

Photo by Rhianna May Photography for Untold Italy Tours at an Umbrian winery

What are the types of wines from Umbria Italy?

Umbria is a wine lover’s paradise as they produce white, orange, rosè and red wine! Just over half the total wine production in Umbria is red and rosè wines, but they do also produce delicious, mineral whites.

Red Umbrian Wines: 

The most well-known Umbria red wine is full-bodied and tannic Sagrantino but it’s only about 8% of the total production. This famous variety is linked to religious celebrations especially around Easter time taking it’s name from ‘sacrantino’ (in fact Umbria is considered by many to be the most spiritual region of Italy). Just like nearby Tuscany, the most produced grape is Sangiovese. It’s made by itself as well as in blends with local and international grape varieties. Drink it young for its fruity notes or a little aged for spice and toastiness.

Other red grapes include ‘ciliegiolo‘ which is often used in blends but by itself makes really delicate, fruity wines. Montepulciano is also grown here as well as Gamay – but it’s totally different to the French version! You’ll also find international grapes – Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grown here.

umbria white wine

Photo by Rhianna May Photography for Untold Italy Tours

Italian white wine of Umbria: 

Grechetto is the indigenous white grape you’ll find in Umbria. Look out for the Grechetto di Todi and from Orvieto. We love its aromatic and floral characteristics. Other whites include Trebbiano (like Trebbiano Toscano, Giallo and Spoletino) which are well structured and have a delicious citrus perfume.

Malvasia Bianca, Verdello and international Chardonnay are also grown in Umbria.

umbria wine tasting

Photo by Rhianna May Photography. Olivia, co-founder of this blog, in the Umbrian vineyards

What are the best wineries in Umbria?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but rather a selection of our favorite Umbria wineries that we think you will enjoy! 

  • Raina 
  • Paolo Bea
  • Marco Merli
  • Cantina Roccafiore
  • Sergio Mottura
  • Agri Segretum
  • Di Filippo 
  • Fongoli
  • Arnaldo Caprai
  • Palazzone
umbria wineries

Image from Untold Italy Tours by Rhianan May. Umbrian vineyards

The 7 best wines from Umbria to swirl, swish and sip

Here’s our 101 breakdown of the best Umbria Italy wine to try! Once again, this is not an exhaustive list, but a selection of Umbria wine that we think you will enjoy. 

White wine lover? We love Cantina Roccafiore’s Grechetto for your first foray into tasting Umbrian white wines! It’s a dry white and really fresh – perfect on a warm day. Think white flowers, pink grapefruit and green apple.

  • Color: pale straw color
  • Style: refreshing and easy to drink
  • Flavor: Citrus, grapefruit, sunflowers and herbal notes 
umbria italy wine

Photo by Rhianna May Photography for Untold Italy Tours

Moving away from Todi, we come down to try a Grechetto from Orvieto. Silky soft in the mouth, this is a really fruity wine with great tropical notes. It’s made using a blend of grapes including procanico, grechetto, verdello, drupeggio and malvasia.

  • Color: Straw yellow
  • Style: Long finish, vibrant wine
  • Flavor: tropical fruits like pineapple, apricot and grapefruit, sunflowers  

Still on the whites, let’s try a Trebbiano! This fruity wine is made using Trebbiano Spoletino grapes that are grown on 90-year-old vines on the hills of gorgeous Montefalco. It’s tropical, floral and slightly herbal all at once and very refreshing.

  • Color: Pale yellow
  • Style: Fresh and juicy
  • Flavor: Tropical fruits, yellow flowers and mineral


This is a delicious Umbrian red wine you have to try. If there’s something you should know about the Umbrian organic wine world, it’s that Paolo Bea is considered the father! Some of his wines are quite natural, so just be aware if that’s not your thing. Pipparello however is loved by everyone! It’s made using the perfect blend of Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Sagrantino. It’s full-bodied, tannic and best enjoyed with roast meats.

  • Color: Ruby red
  • Style: Intense and silky 
  • Flavor: red fruit, vanilla, spices and mineral

If you like the sound of blackberry jam, pepper, clove, and vanilla then this Sagrantino wine is for you. It’s got soft tannins and a really long finish thanks to being aged. 

  • Color: Ruby red
  • Style: Great with roast meats or game
  • Flavor: blackberry jam, pepper, clove, and vanilla 

6. Trebbiano Spoletino ‘Campo di Colonnello’ Raina

You’ll likely find it hard to get this wine outside of Italy, so bookmark it as a must-try when you’re in Umbria! This is a macerated or orange wine made using Trebbiano Spoletino and we adore it. It’s complex and fresh at the same time, full of exotic fruits, and aromatic herbs on the nose. If you’re looking for a really juicy wine this is it!  It’s made using biodynamic principles which is an extra talking point around this wine.

  • Color: Gold
  • Style: Juicy and fresh
  • Flavor: Exotic fruits

7. Zerodibabo Rosato – Marco Merli

Marco Merli is a tiny artisanal producer located around the corner from where we are getting married in Umbria! We love his rosè wine – although pretty hard to find outside of Umbria let alone outside of Italy. It’s made using Ciliegiolo and Sangiovese grapes and is a pretty light pink color. Think red fruits and flowers and a very light spicy note. It’s fresh, sapid and extremely drinkable. Just a tiny 900 bottles were made this year!

  • Color: Pale pink
  • Style: Fresh and sapid
  • Flavors: red fruits and flowers

Want to learn more about Umbrian wines? Join Liv on a 7 day tour in Umbria with Untold Italy. We’ll show you the highlights of this gorgeous central Italian region whilst wining and dining our way around. Find out more now!

Discovered something new in our guide to Umbria wines? Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite! We hope you are feeling inspired to try some wine from this gorgeous central Italian region.

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